Mission Statement

We believe in a progressive approach to skin care. This reduces trauma to the skin and allows it to adapt over time creating exceptional results. We are committed to providing results orientated skin care and do so by combining state of the art equipment along with superior products.

DMK and Skin Script Products

Licensed Estheticians

We're experts at what we do. Knowing the best techniques and using quality professional products is only part of the process. We believe everyone has the right to great skin. Most just need help achieving it!

Relaxing Environment

From the moment you walk in the door, our focus isn't just on relaxation. We specialize in results oriented skincare. We customize your service to meet your individual skin conditions and concerns.

High-Quality Products

Many people underestimate the effect that professional products have on their skin. Drugstore/OTC products may have fillers, low percentages of active ingredients and likely have high pH levels. Home care is just as important as regular professional treatments. We make sure to educate our clients on the benefits of home care and give our clients a prescribed regimen for their needs.

Making You Glow


As we relax, de-stress, and detoxify our minds and bodies, we should do the same for our skin. With all that you put your skin through on a-daily-basis, let us take the guess work out of your skin care and help you understand your skin’s distinctive needs. Our skin care treatments are customized to meet your individual skin care requirements. As a client, your healthiest skin will be revealed with our personalized and comprehensive skin care treatments, starting with your customized service and extending to your home through our professional home care products.